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Creative Coaching

$100/hour (by phone or in-person in Vancouver)  

Writing can be a lonely, difficult pursuit.

It can really help to have someone on your team to hash out ideas, work on strategies, and yes, help keep you on deadline.

As a journalist, I developed great deadline-attacking techniques, and ways to stay on task. And as novelist, these skills helped me write/edit/promote/design my first book — all within one calendar year!

Ready to get your story out there? Let's talk. 

Email  me to see if we're a fit and we can set up a complimentary, 15-minute phone call! 


One hour (phone or in Vancouver)


You've written a book?

You've edited it?

You're not sure what to do next?

Cover design?

Key words?

ISBN numbers?

Online and print on demand? 



Social media?

Whether you'd like to discuss resources available or next steps, I'm happy to share what I've learned with you about indie publishing. 

Manuscript Feedback

Minimum 5 hours


You've written your book?

You've sent it to your friends and family?

You're ready for some objective feedback from a supportive, constructive person?

I offer personalized manuscript feedback. 

Whether you want a full read-through, with notes, or a specific portion of the book or novel explored, we can create a plan for you!


PR work + consulting

On contract

I can help design a plan to help you get your message out!

Anything from press releases to connecting with influencers or setting up events.

Let me hel

Creative Flow

1 hour private class

Learn how to find your creative spark!

Sometimes it's as simple as tuning in to movement. 

Or flow.

A special class for you, combining yoga and meditation, with a take-home journaling/writing exercise. 

I've found that moving is the best way to find focus, or stillness, inside. But we all need something unique right? I'm here to help!

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