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Sweatpants, slippers and spell check

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It's been a weird couple of years. (Huge understatement!) And I have to brace myself daily before I read the news and balance out doom scrolling with reality television and a newfound pre-sleep obsession with Escape to the Country. (If you haven't tried it yet, don't judge.)

That said, I have been busy at the keyboard.

And since one or two of you are asking — and talking about my books might keep me on task! — here's a quick update on what I've been doing.

Book Two & Book Three:

So . . . I have two new books in the works. (Insert a sound between a jolly yelp and a stub-your-toe shriek.)

Basically, I'm drinking a lot of coffee and chugging Mini Eggs but things are moving forward! Right now, I'm happily editing Book Two, and Book Three and I seriously, I love both these new manuscripts and I can't wait to share them. Hope I have an update soon.

And . . .

When I'm not making up love triangles and stomping through the Irish countryside vicariously through my keyboard, I've been writing a lot of other stuff for newspapers too.

Here's some links below:

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